“I help women (and men) overcome fear and self-doubt through clarity coaching to find your voice and your soul truth, (re)discover your passions, and empower you to show up authentically and enthusiastically for life.”

HH photo Cacophony of Society's expectationsAre you tired of living someone else’s version of your life, compromising yourself to make other people happy?


Are you fed up with pointless melodrama? Do you want to be fully and truly alive, but you’re so exhausted and overwhelmed that you have nothing left to give?


Can’t life be easy? At least sometimes? Why does it have to be so damn hard? There has to be more to life than…this. 


Psst…come closer. Take a deep breath. I hear you.

I hear your soul calling out desperately, “I can’t do this anymore!”

Maybe it’s just a dull ache, a feeling you can’t shake. A pull, a pit in your stomach, a sense of dis-ease. You can’t quite put your finger on it. You keep thinking, “I’ll do something different tomorrow, I just need ‘___’ to happen first…” or “I can’t take time for myself, my (kids/spouse/parents/pets) need me! But I’m just so exhausted all. the. time.…How did this become my life?” Everything looks great on the outside but inside your soul is screaming, “F this!”

Or maybe it’s really obvious, an existential wake-up call. Maybe you are thinking about ending that controlling, suffocating relationship or that soul-killing job, or maybe something blindsided you and shattered your world, and you’re standing at a crossroads wondering, “Where the hell do I go from here?”

Maybe you didn’t even know life coaching was a thing until you landed here, looking for something, anything to help you find your way. And you’re so freaking tired of bushwhacking through life just going through the motions, trying to be ok. Surviving.

I know you. I know you because I used to be you, just a few short years ago…newly divorced, single mom, struggling to find myself and recover from years self-doubt, crippling insecurity, and alcoholic and abusive relationships. Scared of being on my own and paralyzed by judgment. Disconnected from my friends and family, from myself. Working my ass off to take care of my kid, never getting ahead, always broke. Exhausted, frustrated and sure as hell not showing up as the person I wanted to be, even though I had no idea who I really was..

I’m Heather, your soul truth Sherpa. I am here to help you carry the weight of insecurity and fear as you discover your soul truth. Come explore with me.